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Track your Coffee Beans using AI and Widgets

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Beanvault: Your Ultimate Coffee Companion

Elevate Your Coffee Journey!

Discover, track, and enjoy your coffee beans like never before. Beanvault is your go-to app for managing everything about your coffee beans.

Comprehensive Tracking

Effortlessly log and monitor details about your coffee beans, including:

  • Bean Name
  • Roastery
  • Package Size
  • Price
  • Roast Date

Whether your beans are freshly opened or reserved for a special occasion, Beanvault keeps you organized.

Detailed Bean Profiles

Capture every nuance that makes each bean unique:

  • Origin
  • Variety
  • Altitude
  • Processing Method
  • Roast Level
  • Grind

Plus, add personal tasting notes and ratings to remember your favorites.

Interactive Widgets & Insights

Stay informed with widgets that provide at-a-glance information. Dive into insights on your coffee expenses:

  • Total Costs
  • Individual Bean Costs
  • Cost per Coffee

These insights help you make mindful decisions about your coffee consumption.

Customizable Experience

Tailor Beanvault to your preferences with options for:

  • Unit Measurements (grams or ounces)
  • Decaffeination Flags
  • Roast Dates

Enjoy a sleek interface designed for coffee lovers.

Exclusive Pro Features

Unlock the full potential of Beanvault with Pro features:

  • Track more details
  • Access premium insights
  • Enjoy an ad-free experience

Engage & Review

Your feedback matters! Engage with the coffee community, share your bean discoveries, and review your experiences. Integrated review prompts ensure we’re always looking to improve your experience.

Beanvault: Elevate your coffee journey! Track beans, explore flavors, and manage costs with your ultimate coffee companion.